Zombified Vampire

Zombified Vampire

A Zombifed Vampire is a Vampire infected with a virus capable of living within the undead.Although somewhat unaffected in a way,The Zombified Vampire is known to be slightly less powerful than your average vampire,Although they are just as deadly.These also feed not just on humans and animals,But vampires as well.They mainly feed on everything that is flesh and blood to keep them alive.Usually when fed,They act like normal people,However if not fed,They will start to turn psychologically violent and charge at their victims with loud screams and shouts.The main contagion that is responsible to the origin of these monsters is Biowaffe Z-15,An old contagion created by the Nazis using the bacteria found on Element 115 and the germs of the common cold.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Like Vampires,A Zombified Vampire is known to live forever,Spreading their undead disease upon the people and feeding on the bloody flesh of their victims.They also possess superhuman strength,As well as speed,However they are not as fast a regular vampire,But they are still just as deadly.They are also known to have the power of resurrection,Colonel Klaus Von Adalard killed himself with his P08 Luger and within a week came back from the dead.They are also immune to disease and also possess accelerated healing that is not as fast as a vampire's healing ability.Their senses are also somewhat lowered,However they can still smell,Hear,Taste and even see their prey.Even their reflexes and agility is diminished in one way or another,Although they are still very sharp in some way.Genetic Memory however is unchanged and so is immunity to disease.Their superhuman leap is also somewhat weakened as well,But they can still jump a long distance.


Like Vampires and Zombies,The Zombified Vampire is also vulnerable to many weaknesses.Like the vampire and zombie,These monsters can be killed by silver,Stakes,Holy Water,Staking the heart and of course decapitation.It is also different how they die though,When these monsters are stabbed,Shot or staked by silver,The flesh exposed to the metal will dissolve like acid feeding through metal,However the silver is unaffected.They are also vulnerable to bullets made of silver,Laced with garlic or hollow points made of silver,Filled with garlic.Sunlight or UV light are also good because they will dissolve into nothing.