Zip is the right hand man and tech expert of Lara Croft and Tony Secord.He is a witty extrovert who is confident in his skills and is extremely loyal to Lara,Doing whatever he can to assist her in her missions.Like A.C.S,Zip assists Lara with a large array of information with his equipment and also works with A.C.S as well as Secord due to the fact that Croft Manor was burned and attacked by a Doppleganger of Lara,Sent by Jacqueline Natla.Zip has set up an area within Secord Manor for the time being and his equipment has been uploaded by Secord with A.C.S in order to assist him if he needs it.He is also known to be very humorous at times.


Lara's Pistol


When Lara's Doppelganger attacked and set Croft Manor on fire,Zip used an H&K USP MATCH pistol,Possibly one of Lara's spare H&K USP MATCH and shot at Lara,Under the impression that Lara was the Doppelganger.