X-5 Double Whammy

X-5 Double Whammy

Weapon Name:X-5 Double Whammy

Type Weapon:Plasma Machine Pistol

Country of Origin:USA


Mag Capacity:10-20 Round Magazine

Select Options:Semi-Auto,4 Shot Burst,Full-Auto

Built In:2012

Creator:Tony Secord

Users:Tony Secord,Lara Croft

The Double Whammy is a Plasma Machine Pistol,Custom made and used by Tony Secord.The ammunition is a 9x17mm in a magazine of either 10-20 rounds.There is also a voice command system that allows the user to choose their select fire.The weapon also has an I.D Print Scanner which only responds to Tony Secord and Lara Croft,Any others that touches the weapon,They will recieve an electric shock,That can incapacitate them.After 2 seconds,The Shock is recharged.