Walther P99

Walther P99

Weapon Name:Walther P99

Type Weapon:Hammerless Semi-Automatic Pistol

Country of Origin:Germany

Caliber:9x19mm Parabellum,.40 S&W,9x21 IMI

Mag Capacity:15,17 or 20 Round Magazine (9x19mm Parabellum),12-14 Round Magazine (.40 S&W)

Introduced In:1996

Service Length:1996-Present


The Walther P99 was made and used by German Police throughout the entire country and replaced the Walther P5 pistol that they utilized.

Present DayEdit

The P99 is used by many militaries today and is very reliable.Angel Ravencroft wields one of these as a sidearm for his missions.