Anthony"Tony" David Secord 1 was the late war hero during World War 2,Father of Tony Secord II and grandfather of Tony Secord,He lived from July 4,1915-May 24,1989.

Birth and ChildhoodEdit

Tony was born on July 4,1915 to Marie and Chappy Secord in Rhode Island.He grew up like any other kid would back in those days.He and his friends would go around pretending to be US Troops against the German Empire and also played Baseball as well.He was also attending school and was always doing well.


By his teens,Secord attended highschool and then by his late teens,He finished college and then went for a career as a scientist,However by his 20's World War 2 was starting and so he was selected by the FBI to lead The Anti-Facist Group,Which would protect America from the threat of the Axis-Powers.By the end of the war,Secord and his fellow comrades celebrated for 2 days and afterwards,The Anti-Facist group was disbanded.By his early 30's,Secord met Jane Hughes who he dated for 2 years and after the second year,He and Jane were married and had their honeymoon in the Bahamas.

1960:Back in ActionEdit

By the year 1963,Secord was already married and had a son named Tony Secord II,However during this year,A nazi by the name of Colonel Klaus Von Adalard was seeking vengeance on Secord for what happened to him.Tony didn't realize that his old enemy was back until a friend of his by the name of George Sarandon told him of Klaus' recent activity and that led to a battle in which Adalard was defeated and placed into a cryotube where he stayed within Secord Manor.

Secord II Gets Married and Becomes a FatherEdit

By 59,Secord's son Tony Secord II was engaged to be married to Abigail Hamilton and a year later,They were married and when he was 60,Secord's daughter-in-law was expecting their first child.By March 15,1976,Secord's grandson Tony Secord III or Tony Secord.

Death of Secord II and Secord IEdit

By August 3,1989,Tony Secord II and Abigail were killed over the Atlantic in their plane during an unexpected lightning storm.Secord decided to watch his grandson until he was old enough and then 2 days after his son died,Secord died of a lung cancer.Secord's grandson was raised by his long time butler Wadsworth Sommers.

Cause of DeathEdit

Tony Secord I back in his 20's used to smoke whenever he got nervous on his missions and by the 60's he smoked 24/7 until 1969 when he quit on his own.