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                                                       Tomb Raider:RevengeEdit


(My grandfather,The great Tony Secord 1,Was a war hero in World War 2.He was the leading member of the Anti-Facist Group,A top secret group of enforcers created by the FBI in order to stop Nazi soldiers and commanders,As well as secret projects from coming over to America.One of his missions included his operation against the SS' primary operation,Codenamed:Valhalla,This operation was led by Colonel Klaus Von Adalard,A well respected Waffen SS Colonel that was handpicked by Adolf Hitler to lead Operation:Valhalla.My grandfather was to stop the operation before Colonel Adalard released a contagion called Biowaffe Z-15.My grandfather got into a fist fight with Colonel Adalard and stabbed the deadly contagion into his brain that made it look like he died,However he came back and my grandfather made short work of him with a friend of his called George Sarandon and his plattoon.After that Colonel Klaus Von Adalard disappeared without any kind of trace and no one knows to this very day where he was.)

Chapter 1Edit

(Now it's the present day and I,Tony Secord,Grandson of the famous war hero is now an immortal,Married to the beautiful Lara Croft and expecting to be a father soon,However Lara doesn't even look the least bit pregnant due to her new powers she recieved from our recent archaeological find,The Orb of the Divine.My wife and I were watching TV at Secord Manor due to the fact that Croft Manor was burned by Lara Croft's Doppleganger.I got a call from the FBI.)


A.C.S:Yes Sir

(The phone was answered by A.C.S)


Agent Myers:Tony Secord?

Tony:Who is this?

Agent Myers:This is the Agent Stephen Myers of the FBI,May I speak to your grandfather please?

Tony:I'm sorry Agent Myers,My grandfather is dead

Agent Myers:Oh?When did he die?

Tony:He's been dead for 20 years.

Agent Myers:I am sorry for your loss,Um is it possible to meet?


Agent Myers:How about your mansion,Right now?

Tony:Alright well are you here?

Agent Myers:Indeed I am

(I looked out the window and saw that there was a man standing on the courtyard wearing a black suit,6.4ft,Dark haired and holding a cellphone in his hand.He was walking up to the door and I openned it for him,Letting him into the mansion.)

Tony:Hello Agent Myers,Names Tony Secord

(I shook his hand)

Agent Myers:Pleasure to finally meet you Mr.Secord,Finally.I've had a lot of time to read about your mission in Scandinavia

(We stopped shaking hands and I bought him over to the couch)

Tony:Agent Myers,This is my wife the famous Lara Croft.

Agent Myers:It's an honor to meet you Mrs.Croft

Lara:Well technically Mrs.Secord but you may call me Croft if you want to.

Agent Myers:Alright then Mrs.Croft

Lara:Will you please sit down?

Agent Myers:Don't mind if I do?

Tony:Honey this is Agent Myers of the FBI

Agent Myers:I came to speak to your husband's grandfather who was also named Tony Secord as well and he has had some involvement with the FBI,Lord rest his soul.

Tony:Would you care for a drink?

Agent Myers:No thank you Mr.Secord,I'm here on official buisness from the FBI

(He took out a file that was in his jacket and placed it on the table.The file was labeled "Top Secret".On the tag it said "Colonel Klaus Von Adalard".I took the file and openned it.Inside there was a photo of a Nazi wearing an oxygen mask and having glowing yellow eyes.)

Tony:Who is this?

Agent Myers:This is Colonel Klaus Von Adalard,A man who was a former Nazi during World War 2.He was said to have died by your grandfather's hand


Agent Myers:Your grandfather stabbed him in the head with a sample of a contagion called "Biowaffe Z-15".He collapsed dead,However he was said to have been looking for your grandfather during the 1960's and he was said to have been killed this time by your grandfather.He disappeared without a trace afterwards.

Tony:What does this have to do with me exactly?

Agent Myers:There was a recent discovery in Topeka,Kansas,A large underground base was discovered,With the Nazi colours upon it.We found an unknown bacteria and ran it through many tests.It was the remnants of the contagion Biowaffe Z-15.We're suspecting that Colonel Adalard has returned.

Tony:Well Agent Myers,I haven't seen him,Nor anything about him from A.C.S.

Agent Myers:Alright,Well if you do know anything,Anything at all call me by this number

(Myers slipped a number across the table to me and Lara.I took it and he left with the Adalard's file.)

Chapter 2Edit

(Meanwhile in a mansion on the other side of the world,Mainly in Europe,Jacqueline Natla,Along with her new spouse,My former friend Lance Smith were looking into the files of the FBI's archives.)

Lance:Damn Jacqueline,When will we find a good one to ally with?

Natla:Now my darling patience,We are going to need to find an interesting criminal to ally ourselves with.

(All of a sudden,She accidently clicked the Top Secret Archives of the FBI,Where she discovered Colonel Klaus Von Adalard's file.She clicked it and entered the file,Looking at his record and other status.Jacqueline felt so excited to see this file and discovered something that the FBI overlooked.A message in the files.The message was as followed,"The most dangerous man is down halfway".Natla knew instantly that Colonel Klaus Von Adalard was at Secord Manor,Located in Florida.)

Natla:Lance,Pack your bags,Were going to Florida

Lance:Sun,Sand and surf here we come

(Jaqueline and Lance teleported from their mansion in England and left for Florida.)

Chapter 3Edit

(Back at Secord Manor,Lara was asleep in bed and I was in my lab working on a new weapon,A rifle called the M-148,An assault rifle made by me.I was testing the weapon's select fire with a custom made suppressor.The result was very promising.I then heard an alert from one of the silent alarms.It was coming from the back door.They were soldiers coming into the house and so I got my dual C96 Mauser pistols,As well as Colt M1911A1 pistol sidearm.I ran out of the lab and out of the basement,Sliding on the floor across the lobby,Targeting to my left and pulling the trigger on both my pistols.Soldiers who were there were hit in either the head or legs which either way,They fell to the floor,Dead or alive.I got up and jumped up to the ceiling where I stayed until I saw 6 more soldiers enter the main lobby.I jumped down and landed on the floor,Tripping 2 soldiers and killing 3 more with one of my C96 Mausers.)

Chapter 4Edit

(While I was taking care of the soldiers,Natla and Lance entered Secord Manor and headed for one of the areas of the mansion where there was a large support for the house in the shape of a cylinder.They found an access panel that they hacked very fast and as a result they had managed to open it.Inside there was a large coffin like capsule.)

Natla:My love will you do the honors?

Lance:My pleasure dear

(Lance ripped openned the door on the capsule.The inside was cold and smoky,But after the smoke cleared,Inside the capsule was Colonel Klaus Von Adalard,The Nazi Colonel of the Waffen SS was laying in it.Lance grabbed his lifeless body,Then he and Natla teleported back to England and the soldiers were ordered to retreat.)

Chapter 5Edit

(As soon as they retreated,I got upstairs to see how Lara was.)

Tony:Lara you okay?

Lara:Whats going on darling?

Tony:Some bastards tried to bust into the house,But I've managed to pick off some of them

(I entered the room and ran towards Lara,Hugging and kissing her.Afterwards I contacted Agent Myers who was with the FBI.Within a couple of hours,Agent Myers and several other agents arrived as well in order to clean up our mansion.Agent Myers was talking to me about what happened with whatever those people were looking for.He and I were at the location they were at.)

Agent Myers:Do you even know what this is for?

Tony:No,I never realize that this was even a secret compartment

Agent Myers:Well what do you know?As far as I'm concerned you were lying about the Colonel.....

Tony:Back up Myers,You really think that I was keeping him secret?

Agent Myers:Well he was in your house

Tony:My grandfather probably did that,I had no idea dammit

Agent Myers:Well who did this then?

Tony:A.C.S?Scan the crime scene

A.C.S:Scanning crime scene

(A.C.S scanned the area and started to give us the analysis)

A.C.S:Fingerprint analysis of Jacqueline Natla and Lance Smith confirmed

Tony:Lance?Natla?What the hell were they doing here?A.C.S get this room's security cameras recorded footage

A.C.S:Yes sir

(Then the room's 3-D Holographic imagin system was up and loaded into it was the footage from a few hours ago.It shows Jacqueline Natla and Lance Smith breaking Colonel Klaus Von Adalard from his cryoprison and fleeing.I turned to Agent Myers.)

Tony:Look I was completely unaware of that whole compartment,Now you saw that,The only thing I knew was that these thugs were entering my house and trashing it was the thing that led me to defend myself.

Agent Myers:Well then if they've got him,Theres no telling what they'll do.

Tony:A.C.S,Put out an All Person's Bulletin for Jacqueline Natla and Lance Smith,Not just to the USA,But the whole world

Agent Myers:I guess you've got it covered with the A.P.B then,Thanks it saves me a trip

Tony:Now thats done,I should also be getting to finding Adalard as well

Agent Myers:Look we know who were looking for,Leave this to the professionals alright?

Tony:Um Agent Myers?How long have you been on the force?

Agent Myers:Actually it's my first case

Tony:Your kidding,Well good luck then

(Agent Myers and his men started to gather their evidence and then had the cleaning crew come in to get rid of all the blood and other fluids,Even bodies from the house.I went upstairs to the master Bedroom where I saw Lara in her white bathrobe outside in the night,I went out see her.I came up behind her and gentle placed my cheek on her hair and one of my hands on her left shoulder.)

Lara:Agent Myers left?




Lara:What was it that Natla and Smith were looking for?

Tony:A nazi,Named Colonel Klaus Von Adalard

Lara:Did you really not know that he was in your house?

Tony:I never knew,Not once was there any kind of proof that Colonel Adalard was in our house,Not once

(Lara turned and looked me in the eye.)

Lara:Who is this guy anyway?

Tony:He was an enemy,Of my grandfather's who was named Tony Secord as well.He was killed by my grandfather,But that didn't stay that way for long,He came back during the 60's,However mt grandfather defeated him and now I find out that he's been in a cryotube for the last 40 or even 50 years,Hidden right under our noses

Lara:So what will we do then?Go after him,I mean we don't even know how he dies

Tony:Maybe that cryoprison will give us some clues,Come on

(We ran downstairs to get some kind of clue as to how to kill Colonel Adalard.)

Chapter 6Edit

(In Britain,Jacqueline Natla and Lance Smith were celebrating the return of their new friend,Who was still knocked out,However he was in a coffin of his own,It was located within the living room of Natla's mansion and the door was openned,So that way he could get out easily.He woke up and got out of the coffin and stood up,Looking at his sorroundings.He could hear Natla and Lance,Celebrating upstairs and so he walked up the stairs slowly,Reaching for something on his out and when he pulled out his hand and in it was a Walther P38,Which was one of two pistols he wielded during the war and still does today,The other pistol is the P08 Luger,Which he favors both weapons.He went up the stairs and went to the left of catwalk and then took another left,Down the catwalk towards a door where he could hear both Lance and Jacqueline were celebrating.All of a sudden,He busted the door openned,Pointing his pistol at Natla and Lance,They jumped a bit.)

Col.Adalard:Why so jumpy?

Natla:Just surprised us thats all Colonel Adalard

Col.Adalard:How do you know who I am?

Natla:The FBI has a database on you and what you did during World War 2 herr colonel

(Adalard then ran at superspeed and grabbed Natla by the throat.Lance grabbed his Luger and fired at him,Bullets went into his body,But they didn't kill him.)

Col.Adalard:Who are you and where the hell am I?

Natla:You are in my home Colonel,I am Jacqueline Natla,This is my husband Lance Smith

(He turned to Lance)

Col.Adalard:What Century?

Lance:21st Century

(Colonel Adalard released Natla from his grasp.Natla was coughing a bit,Catching her breath.)

Lance:Sorry for shooting you herr Colonel

Col.Adalard:I am used to getting shot by now

(Natla got up and stood in front of Colonel Aladard.)

Natla:Your probably wondering how you got here or how we even found you in the first place am I not correct?

Col.Adalard:That was my next question yes.

Natla:We found you through the archives of the FBI,As a result we discovered your whereabouts at Secord Manor and so we staged a distraction of sorts for Tony Secord and Lara Croft

Col.Adalard:Tony Secord?The one who put me in that cryoprison is still alive?

Natla:No my immortal friend,Your enemy is long since dead,Tony Secord is his grandson.He is a very smart young man and a thorn in my husband's side ever sine their little confrontation for The Orb of the Divine.He is married to the thorn in my side,Archaeologist Lara Croft.They are expecting a child within 2 months.These 2 are already famous worldwide for their discoveries and other things,But they also like to stop us from world domination and perfection.

Col.Adalard:I crave perfection Mrs.Natla

Natla:Will you be able to help us then?

Col.Adalard:My dear Natla,That is all that I want to do,But I will need an army

Natla:We already have an army,Of soldiers ready to kill on my command and are also at your disposal as well

Col.Adalard:No,None of the mortal kind,No offense but I will need men of the immortal kind

Lance:What kind of men exactly?

Col.Adalard:Nazis,Immortal Nazi troopers

Lance:Um yeah Colonel there is only one problem to your plan,The Third Reich has been destroyed for the last 60-80 years,How exactly will you find Nazi soldiers?

Col.Adalard:You forget one thing Mr.Smith,I am a vampire and I am also the carrier of a contagion that can bring the dead back to life.That is why I am going to kill Tony Secord for what his grandfather did to me.

Lance:We will need to know where the nazis are before we start doing anything

Col.Adalard:Once again you forget Mr.Smith that a Vampire possesses the ability to accurately remember any person,Any moment,Anytime.

Lance:Thats right,Genetic Memory of course

Natla:Very well then Colonel,You shall have your army,As well as weapons such as the MP40,STG-44 and so on and so forth?

Col.Adalard:That would be excellent,you have my gratitude my dear.

(Col.Adalard,Natla and Lance all left the room,On their way to the Natla Technologies building in London.)

Chapter 7Edit

Lara and I inspected the whole part of the mansion where Adalard's body was located and couldn't find anything there.We did however find a small imprint of numbers that looked like they were in the form of a safe combination.I was in bed thinking what it meant and so I went down to the secret compartment where Adalard was secretly hidden.I saw that there was a small secret door within the base of the compartment and so I openned it and found a safe.The combination was to this safe so I imput the combination and openned the safe.Inside I found that there was a small journal with my grandfather's initials on it.I openned the journal and looked at the first page.)

Page 1:"Hello Tony,If you are reading this,Then I am already dead and Col.Adalard has escaped.I have feared this would happen,But not to you my lad,But If I must tell you what you must know then I shall tell you.The one who has escaped is my old enemy,Colonel Klaus Von Adalard who was once a member of the Waffen SS,Who was a Vampire the first time I encountered him,Since then he has gone through a very biological change.It seems that the old nazi I faced has gone through this change because of a contagion called Biowaffe Z-15 that I stabbed him with.He is very powerful,Although not as powerful as the first time I encountered during World War 2,He was still very deadly though.In this journal,You will find the remaining information I have collected on Adalard for the last 44 years,The year being 1989."

(I ran upstairs to wake Lara and then that night we packed up and got to the USS Lara,Then we set a course for Britain and put the boat in full throttle and the nitro boosters were activated as well.I left the autopilot to A.C.S while Lara and I were looking at the journal.)

Tony:Alright where were we?Oh okay here we were

(I found the page I was on and it was page 5.)

Text:"Adalard was very passionate about his work and he also had time for family,But his deformation by me in 43 resulted in his wife Brunhilda as well as their one and only son Dietrich to leave him.After that,Adalard put a bullet in his head with his own P08 Luger,However he came back after a week.It seemed that his regeneration was diminished because of the contagion he now carries.I have been currently looking for a way to undo what I have done to him,However I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to make him a regular Vampire again.Even though he was my enemy,I still wanted to help him.I took a sample of his blood one day and found a way to make an antidote for it,Although I never got around to make it.The formula however is in the journal at the backpage.There was also a flaw in this formula,There was an unknown element needed to make this that was not found by us at all and that would be something only god could resist."

Lara:Your grandfather wasn't such a bad person then,If he wanted to create an antidote for Adalard.

Tony:I know,A.C.S?

(I got up and headed to the computer monitor where A.C.S responded)

A.C.S:Yes sir

(I turned to the page where the formula was and held it in front of the screen)

Tony:Can you scan this and see if you can search for any kind of missing element that would be needed to make this formula work?

A.C.S:Scanning now

(A.C.S' scanner took a photo of the formula and mapped out the formula's main structure)

A.C.S:Element appears to be missing from this formula

Tony:What element?

A.C.S:Element is currently not recognized

Lara:Is it anything organic?

A.C.S:Negative,This is an element that is not corresponding with any others on the periodic table,Nor does it match any kind of energy source used by the world today,Other than The Orb of the Divine.

Tony:How can the Orb be apart of this?

A.C.S:That is unknown at this point sir

(I got up and thought this through)

Tony:Now usually in any antidote or cure you would need the body and anti-body combined for it to work correct?

A.C.S:Correct sir

Tony:Then.....(All of a sudden it hit me.The formula's missing element was a blood sample of the contagion that has been cured.People like Lara and myself are immune to this disease due to our new godlike immune systems and in turn our blood holds the key to formulating this antidote.Within an hour,A.C.S helped me created the contagion that plagued Adalard's body and I took a sample of my blood and placed it within the newly made antidote.As a result the cure killed off the disease within seconds.I looked at Lara and said.)

Tony:My love,I have the cure.

A.C.S:This will cure the Colonel.

(We then arrived in England within 2 hours and got to work on finding Adalard,Natla and Smith.)

Chapter 8Edit

(Now within London Lara and I were already searching for Natla and we found her mansion.The lights were on and we could see movement when we were spying from the bushes.Lara loaded her dual H&K USP MATCH pistols with their 15 Round magazines of 9x19mm Parabellum.I got one of my C96 Mauser pistols out of it's holster and loaded it and we snuck around the area,Lara stayed outside and I went in through the chimney in order to take the people in the mansion by surprise.I teleported out of the chimney and behind the couch where Natla and Smith were sitting,Drinking champagne.I held my pistol up,Had my sights on them and pulled the hammer back with the loud click stopping Natla and Lance from talking.They turned and saw me.)

Tony:Jacqueline Natla,Lance Smith your under arrest

Natla:Oh look who it is?The ever so brave Tony Secord

Tony:And I thought it would be easier to take you down

(I then heard a gun being cocked behind me with the barrel on the back of my head.I knew it was Col.Adalard.)

Natla:Not really Mr.Secord

Tony:Colonel Klaus Von Adalard I presume?Holding a Walther P38 pistol with an 8 round magazine containing 9x19mm parabellum ammunition at the back of my skull I take it?

Col.Adalard:Your very persistant Mr.Secord

Tony:And I take it your gonna kill me?

Col.Adalard:For what your family did to me?Yes I will

Tony:Because of what happened to you?With Biowaffe Z-15?

Col.Adalard:How do you know about that?

Tony:My grandfather left a journal about your condition,Even though you were his enemy,He was looking for a cure to the disease that plagued your body.I've completed it and I'm willing to give it to you herr Colonel.

Col.Adalard:You lie!

(I took the syringe and needle out of my jacket pocket and held it in front of him.He looked puzzled)

Tony:You seemed very puzzled as to why I made this for you,Right?

Col.Adalard:More puzzled as to how you made it

(He took the needle and syringe from my hand then injected it into his body.I turned to see him as he started to feel the effects of the antidote.He looked like he was gonna turn to the Hulk,Although he wasn't turning green or big or muscular.He then stopped and got up,Taking his oxygen mask off and us seeing his face for the first time in our lives,Although he couldn't see himself at all due to him not having a reflection in the mirror.He felt surprisingly well for a 201 year old Vampire.)

Tony:How do you feel herr Colonel?

Col.Adalard:Surprisingly well herr Secord,I thank you for what you have done,Unfortunately.......

(He shot me with a dart gun that administered Biowaffe Z-15 into my body.I started feeling the effects of the virus)

Col.Adalard:I wish I could say the same for you

(All of a sudden the virus within my body died instantly.Only regular undead,Dead or humans are vulnerable to the disease,Not a godlike immortal like me or Lara.I started to laugh.)

Col.Adalard:What are you grinning at?

Tony:Did you really think that your pitiful little disease could make me a zombie?Wrong Answer!Oh and did you really think that I am that stupid into giving you the full cure of that contagion knowing that you would stab me in the back like that?Yeah nice try pal,Now I know why my grandfather did what he did to you,You nazis are all the same,We show you compassion and then you stab us in the back,Although I didn't make the same mistake.

(Colonel Adalard started to feel weak and then he collapsed on his hands and knees,His head was looking down as he started vomiting blood.)

Tony:How does it feel to be outsmarted Klaus?,Not so well I'm afraid?I can say one thing,Paybacks a bitch ain't it?