Thompson Submachine Gun(Magazine)

Thompson M1928A1

Weapon Name:Thompson M1928A1

Type Weapon:Submachine Gun

Country of Origin:USA

Caliber:.45 ACP

Mag Capacity:30 Round Mag,50-100 Round Drum

Select Options:None

Introduced In:1919

Service Length:1938-1971


Tony Secord's grandfather who used to work as an Anti-Facist Agent against the Nazis who came over used this weapon on his missions as a primary as well as a weapon for firepower.

In the Hands of Tony SecordEdit

Before his grandfather died,Tony was told to open a door in a dresser within his grandfather's room.Inside,He took out a long but thin box and bought it over to his grandfather who openned it.Inside was his grandfather's old Thompson M1928A1 and so he gave Tony the weapon as his last gift to him.He then died shortly after.Since then,Tony has never bought this weapon out and has had it in his basement along with the other WW2 weapons that he has collected over the years.