Orb of the Divine

The Orb of the Divine

The Orb of the Divine is a mystical item and artifact of the what remains of the ancient world. The orb was made from the gods of three different mythologies. Each god represented what a god should be. Thor, the Norse god of thunder represented strength and the element of the just. Nabu, the Babylonian god of of wisdom represented the element of knowledge and of course wisdom. The last one was Eros, the greek god of love who represented love and the element of caring for others. Each god and their unique representation concieved this orb in hopes that one day, which was known as "The Event of the Divine". The most worthy of people (Known as "The Offspring of the Immortals"), would possess all these traits.

Tomb Raider:The Offspring of the ImmortalsEdit

Tony Secord, a student of Gordonstoun and former boyfriend of Lara Croft; discovered the orb's existence after he came across a tomb within the Caribbean Islands. Once there, Secord was able to photograph and videotape the events of that day. After leaving the Caribbean, Secord left for England where he visited Croft Manor, the home of Lara Croft. He managed to convince Croft into coming with him, the powers of the immortals as a form of compensation for her time and help. He spent the night at Croft Manor and the next morning, they left to find The Bow of Eros which was in Atlantis. They got it before men who worked for Archaeological Perfectionist Lance Smith and they killed off Smith's men before they left. After their work in Atlantis, they left for the Babylonian remains in present day middle east and so they got there; however they were beaten to it when Lance Smith himself was there. Secord managed to grab the wisdom with his grappling hook, then both he and Lara escaped. Now finding where the orb was, Tony and Lara set off for their location,England, the Temple of the Divine. They arrived and entered the underground temple. Eventually, they found the main room for the ritual where there were three main console like statues where they placed each artifact in it's individually marked console.With that done,Secord and Lara saw the middle of the room open, revealing the orb; however just before they can get it, Lance Smith stopped them and took the orb from it's resting place in an attempt to wield it's power. Lance doesn't recieve the orb's powers and as a result, throws it on the ground, but before the orb could hit the floor, it stopped in it's tracks and ascended into Tony's hands. The orb spoke to Secord through telepathy and granted him the powers of the immortals. Lance pointed a gun at him; however Peter Ravencroft and his men pointed their weapons at Lance. Peter cuffed Lance and then waited for his chance to become immortal,But before he could, Secord proposed marriage to Lara with the orb in his hand. Lara accepted his proposal and gained his powers as well, soon after Peter gained his powers. After that Lara and Tony were married and went on their honeymoon, taking the orb home with them and keeping it in the basement on display.