The Anti-Facist Group was a squadron of elite commandos assembled by the United States Government to cease any and all activity of the Axis-Powers in America back in the late 1930's.They were led by Tony Secord I who led his team against formidable odds against the Nazis and any other attempts to take over the United States.

Assembling The TroopsEdit

The moments that the openning shots were heard,America was preparing for the worst and hoping for the best,That included the protection of the United States from the evils of the Axis-Powers.The FBI assembled some of the best men that lived in the civilian population.Tony Secord I was selected to be the leading member of the team.Harry Sinclair was selected by the FBI to be Secord's second in command due to the fact that he has had experience being captured by the Nazis.Colt Brown was selected for demolitions and strategy and after that it was Seth Dalton was selected as the assassin and heavy combat.