Spencer 1860 Carbine

Spencer 1860 Carbine

Weapon Name:Spencer 1860 Carbine

Type Weapon:Manually Operated Lever Action Rifle

Country of Origin:USA

Caliber:56-56 Spencer Rimfire

Mag Capacity:7 Round Tube Magazine

Introduced In:1860

Service Length:1860-1869


The Spencer 1860 Carbine was a weapon that was utilized by the Union and Confederate militaries in the American Civil War.It was manufactured by the Union side and used around by many soldiers.

Present DayEdit

Even though the Spencer is still around,It hasn't seen combat for over 143 years,Although the carbine is rare to find for many collectors and one of the proud owners of a Spencer Carbine is Tony Secord,Who's ancestor fought in the American Civil War and wielded one of these weapons as his main rifle of choice.