Tony Secord's Mansion

Secord Manor

Secord Manor is the home of archaeologist Tony Secord.It was left in Tony's possession when his parents were killed in a plane crash over the Atlantic due to a horrible lighting storm.Since then,Secord has made some major renovations to his home.


The Basement is the first for any person to start and to work the way up.Entering the basement,There are 4 large display cases integrated in the walls that are the size of a small Patrol Raft and hold many things.

1st Integrated Display Case (Left Side)Edit

On the left hand side of the wall,There is the first of 2 display cases on the left.This one holds weapons from the American Civil War to WW2.

1st Integrated Display Case (Right Side)Edit

If anyone enters the basement of Secord Manor,The right Integrated Display Case is the case where he keeps many of the Artifacts he has uncovered over his career.

  • The Orb of the Divine
  • Gungnir
  • The Golden Fleas
  • The Bow of Eros
  • The Wisdom of Nabu

2nd Integrated Display Case (Left Side)Edit

In the next left sided case is the case holding many of Secord's extra treasure that was placed in cases around and in the large floor cases concealed in the floor.