Weapon Name:STG-44 (Formerly the MP44)

Type Weapon:Assault Rifle

Country of Origin:Nazi Germany

Caliber:7.92x33mm Kurz

Mag Capacity:30 Round Magazine

Select Options:Semi-Full Automatic

Introduced In:1943

Service Length:1943-1945

Owners:Tony Secord


By the early 1940s,The Nazis were issued the Kar98k,Others the MP40 and so they had the idea to combine the high accuracy rifle with the relentless firepower of a machine gun and the STG-44 was made.During the war,Hitler didn't want to manufacture these,He wanted Submachine Guns manufactured and so they branded it the MP44.In time,Hitler took a liking to this weapon and branded it the STG-44.

Present DayEdit

The STG-44 has not been manufactured since World War 2,However,Many of them were discovered by nations who have adopted it and have used it.Tony Secord has one of these and rarely uses it on his missions.It is in the left integrated display case,Holding many of his vintage weapons.