V-2 Rocket

V-2 Rockets Loaded with Biowaffe Z-15

Operation:Valhalla was a military operation that was planned by Nazi officials of the Third Reich.

Leading Members:Colonel Klaus Von Adalard,Sargeant Hans Adlar

Funded By:Waffen SS's Leading Bioweapon's division

Type Operation:Top Secret


Subject:Biowaffe Z-15

Uses of Subject:V-2 loaded for dispursal uses

Target:The Americas

Operation BackgroundEdit

During World War 2,The Nazis intended to take all of the world and since the loss of the Bismarck,Hitler resorted on a new secret tactic to take the Americas by surprise.The plan was led by Waffen SS Colonel Klaus Von Adalard who,Along with several other SS officials left and headed for America where they secretly worked in the midwest and started building V-2 Rockets that were to dispurse a new contagion called "Biowaffe Z-15",A contagion that went from airborne to bloodborne transmission and the results were zombies.They intended to launch these on the Americas in order to cripple their defenses,So they could arrive and take out the zombified Americans.Once that was done,They would establish Nazism within the Americas.


Eventually America suspected that the Nazis had sent people into the United States,In hopes of overthrowing the government and taking over the country,However the FBI had established a team of highly trained soldiers against this threat,The Anti-Facist Group,Led by Tony Secord l.Secord ordered that his men search throughout America and also ordered that any suspicious activity throughout the country should be reported.Thankfully thanks to a family in Topeka,Kansas,Secord and his men managed to track down Colonel Klaus Von Adalard and stopped him in his attempts to initiate Operation:Valhalla.The Nazi Colonel lost and was presumed dead after Secord stabbed a large vile of the contagion "Biowaffe Z-15" into his head.