Nazi Zombies

Nazi Zombies

Zombie Name:Nazi Zombies

Type Zombie:Various

Class Zombie:Various

Created In:America

Creator:Colonel Klaus Von Adalard

Blood Type:Unknown

Created With:Biowaffe Z-15

Nazi Zombies were members of the Waffen SS or the Wehrmacht who were test subjects to horrifying experiments with the deadly new contagion called "Biowaffe Z-15" and were also resurrected later on by Waffen SS Colonel Klaus Von Adalard.


A Nazi Zombie's main appearance are made up of many various uniforms,Equipment and Weapons as well,But the fact is that they are all zombies who used to be members of the Third Reich.Their face is usually either skeleton or muscle with either glowing or now eyes at all.They could be wearing helmets or not,Also wearing Nazi symbols (Such as the swastika or medals like the iron cross.They even moan as well),Although sometimes thats not always the case,But the one way to tell sometimes is how they move.Movement is a way to tell,However Nazi Zombies who move like regular people can be difficult to spot at times.The ones who move like regular people also speak with a very deep voice almost like a very severe form of Laryngitis.The one most inexclusable way to tell that they are zombies is what they feed on,Primarily human flesh,Usually thats the main case.


Nazi Zombies were once soldiers who were loyal to the former Third Reich of Germany.They were the underdogs and were what Hitler considered to be incapable of military service,However they had more practical uses.They along with Colonel Klaus Von Adalard went and arrived in America where they set up an underground military base in Topeka,Kansas.These subjects were tested with only one injection that made them into flesh eating zombies which showed Klaus what the main result was and how to kill them as well.They were supposed to launch V-2 Rockets containing the Biowaffe Z-15 contagion loaded into them for airborne dispursal.However all the assets and the rest of the contagion were destroyed in a fire that was caused by Tony Secord l (Grandfather of Tony Secord),Or so he thought.What Secord didn't know was that Klaus was injected with a sample of the contagion and that allowed him to regenerate from it and made Klaus a Zombified Vampire.

Type Nazi ZombiesEdit

As it was said before,Nazi Zombies come in various forms with various weapons,Equipment and even uniforms,But it's not those things that characterize them as Zombies,But how they move or what they do or sound like.

Typical Nazi Zombies:Are zombies that are any Nazi zombie,Wearing uniforms from the wehrmacht or even the Waffen SS.These are the most easy to spot due to their slow movements and moaning,As well as disfigured skin or glowing eyes.They also go after the loudest noise as well and are also considered very dumb.

Running Nazi Zombies:These zombies like the Typical Nazi Zombie wear the same uniforms and have some of the same characteristics like moaning and glowing eyes,However they are capable of running to the slightest bit of sound and are just as dumb as the typical Nazi Zombie.

Smart Nazi Zombies:Are zombies that are very smart and like the Running and Typical Nazi Zombies,Wear the same uniforms and other stuff,However there is a difference,They wield weapons like the MP18,MP40,STG-44,P08 Luger,Walther P38,Kar98k and other weapons.They still have glowing or non glowing eyes and disfigured skin as well as the ability to talk,Only the voice sounds like a very deep and severe case of Laryngitis.


Like any other zombie,The Nazi Zombie is very vulnerable to any severe trauma of the head or even the separation of the head from the body will permanently kill them.Some,Primarily the Smart Nazi Zombies have the ability to regenerate any kind of injury,However that can be overcome by multiple people firing multiple weapons at the zombie which will overwhelm their healing capability,Making the zombie vulnerable to either severing the the head or shooting their brain.