Nazi Cyborg

Nazi Cyborgs

Cyborg Name: Nazi Cyborg

Type Cyborg: War Cyborg

Blood Type: Unknown

Nazi Unit: Waffen SS

Commanded By: Colonel Klaus Von Adalard

Wars Served: World War 2


During World War 2,The Waffen SS' secret weapons division was losing men fast and the problems were that most of the men were being killed by chemical weapons and as a result, Colonel Klaus Von Adalard found a way to make an artificial respiratory system, making them immune to the chemical weapons of the Allied Forces.The dead soldiers were resurrected within hours and soon they were given a way to withstand bullets and even heavy artillery fire.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Nazi Cyborgs are resurrected with certain powers and abilities that assist them against their enemies.

  • Accelerated Healing:Is a power that is given to them through new cybernetic implants using a new strain of contagion called Biowaffe Z-15K which allows them to regenerate lost and damaged tissue.
  • Enhanced Strength:Some of the Cyborgs have prosthetic limbs which enable them to move,Lift and fight with amazing strength.
  • Enhanced Speed:Another ability that some cyborgs have is enhanced human speed due to prosthetic legs.
  • Enhanced Vision:An unusual cybernetic concept is the ability which cyborgs can see in different forms of vision due to prosthetic eyes.
  • Enhanced Jump:The Prosthetic Limbs that some of the cyborgs have also give them the ability to jump higher than any average human being.
  • Immunity to Disease:Is a power given to them through an artificial immune system consisting of nanotechnology that was very complex for the Nazis at the time and it keeps them protected from bacterial infections and even viruses.

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

Along side their powers and abilities are the weapons and equipment used by the Nazi Cyborgs.

Standard Issue Modified Gas MaskEdit

The Nazi Cyborgs are usually seen wearing a special gas mask.The Gas Mask is utilized due to the contagion Biowaffe Z-15K,So It is injected within the subject to improve the cyborg's natural abilities.The contagion is constantly injected into the subject,Over a period of time.


The Nazi Cyborgs have several different weaknesses, one involving the gas mask they wear,If removed,Then they will die very quickly.They are also very vulnerable to an energy round through the head which will permanently kill them.