Mjolnir is the mythical hammer of the Norse god of thunder and lightning Thor.The hammer is known to emit lightning and thunder,Also according to myth,It was powerful enough to level mountains.Mjolnir was also one of three mystical items that created The Orb of the Divine.

Mjolnir's DiscoveryEdit

Lara Croft found this hammer while looking for the legendary island of Avalon,In her search to find her mother Amelia Croft who was said to have been living there for sometime.Lara first needed to find Járngreipr (Thor's Gauntlets) and Megingjord (Thor's Belt) in order to wield Mjolnir.When finding all three,She headed to the temple of Valhalla where to found and took Thor's mighty hammer,Afterwards,Lara decided to pay Jacqueline Natla a visit and when she arrived she also encountered Amanda Evert and the Second Doppelganger.Lara managed to release Natla and met up with her at Avalon where she found her mother,Altered by the eitir and so Lara shot her with her dual wield H&K USP MATCH pistols over the side of a large eitir waterfall.Lara discovered that Natla betrayed her and then almost killed her with Mjolnir,However her Doppelganger stopped her,Then Amanda assisted Lara by covering her from the incoming Thralls and Frost Giants.Lara followed Natla to Jormungandr (The Midgard Serpent) where she destroyed the device that was used to start Ragnarrok.Natla,Still determined to start the 7th Age,Used her powers to keep the device in place,However Lara tossed Mjolnir,Pinning Natla into the Eitir.


Several months after destroying the device that almost started Ragnarrok,Lara headed back to the ruins of Avalon where she rediscovered Mjolnir at the portal where the Doppelganger found Natla.Lara then left the ruins and headed back to Croft Manor.

Wielding It Once MoreEdit

When Tony Secord discovered a temple hidden within the caribbean,He discovered that the temple he was in was a clue to The Orb of the Divine (A.K.A,The Orb of the Gods).Secord realized that Mjolnir was one of three items that were needed to find the orb and knew that Lara Croft was using it and so he headed to Croft Manor in order to retrieve the hammer from Lara.Lara agreed to help Secord however she wanted to tag along with him and he agreed.First they headed to Atlantis to retrieve The Bow of Eros,Then to the Babylonian ruins in modern day Iraq where they retrieved the Wisdom of Nabu.They then headed for England where they discovered the ruins of Camelot and they entered it.Lara and Tony headed through the catacombs until they discovered The Temple of the Divine where they discovered that the only way to retrieve the orb is to place all three items in consoles that are made to channel each item's power.They placed Mjolnir,Eros' Bow and wisdom of Nabu in their individually marked consoles to retrieve the orb.