MP40 Submachine Gun


Weapon Name:MP40

Type Weapon:Submachine Gun

Country of Origin:Nazi Germany

Caliber:9x19mm Parabellum

Mag Capacity:32 Round Magazine,64 Dual Magazine System

Introduced In:1939

Service Length:1939-Present


On the frontlines during World War 2,Nazi troops utilized the Kar98k for long ranged combat and they needed a weapon that could fire full automatic fire.This was the result of German innovation,The MP40.It was manufactured for a long time and was manufactured more than the Kar98k.

Present DayEdit

The MP40 has been utilized by many military forces throughout World War 2 by Americans and Allied Forces,As well as been used by present day forces as well.The weapon is very reliable with ammo and there is absolutely almost no recoil.Tony Secord has an MP40 that was captured by his grandfather during his missions against the Nazis that came over to America in their attempts to overthrow the government.