Weapon Name:MG-42

Type Weapon:General Purpose Machine Gun

Country of Origin:Nazi Germany

Caliber:7.92x57mm Mauser

Mag Capacity:50-250 Round Belts

Introduced In:1942

Service Length:1942-1968


During World War 2,The Nazi MG-34 had a drawback that made it unreliable and so it needed a replacement.By 1942 the MG-42,A weapon so deadly that anyone caught in the cross fire will be dead before they could hit the ground.The weapon had one flaw,The barrel needed to be changed due to the temperature of the barrel.

Present DayEdit

The MG-42 has not been used since 1968,However other variants of the weapon have been constructed and are used by present day militaries.Tony Secord however has one of these weapons and never uses,But keeps it on display in his basement.