UIn the Tomb Raider storyline,Lara Croft has a number of outfits for any kind of condition,Wether it's cold,Wet,Dry or even to sneak into locations without being detected,She has got the outfits she packs ahead of time. 

"Offspring of the Immortals"Edit

In the Offspring of the Immortals,Lara Croft uses outfits that she packed when she went with Tony Secord in search of The Orb of the Divine and these are the outfits utilized by Lara.

Regular Outfit
Croft Outfit 1

Croft's Regular Outfit


Lara's outfit that she usually wears is a dark green tank top with a backpack attachment over it.She either wears shorts or long pants,Along with her boots,Bet and holsters for her dual wield H&K USP MATCH pistols.

Croft Outfit 2

Croft's Swimsuit


In case she needed to get wet,Lara packed herself a black swimsuit in case she needed to dive for anything.The photo doesn't show it,But she also had her belt,Holsters and dual H&K USP MATCH pistols as well.

Lara Croft 3

Croft's Winter Suit

Winter Suit

Croft also packed a winter suit in case she needed to embark into any place with a temperature below 40 degrees.Like her swimsuit and regular outfit,She still has her belt,Holsters and dual H&K USP MATCH pistols.


In the Second story,Lara and Tony are against a Nazi known as Colonel Klaus Von Adalard who plots his revenge on her husband and she wears new outfits on this mission.

Regular OutfitsEdit

Croft Outfit 1

Croft's Regular Outfit

Like in the Offspring of the Immortals,Lara wears her tank top,Pants,Belt and other equipment.

Regular Outfit 2Edit

Croft Outfit 3

Croft's Regular Outfit (Shorts)

Like her 1st regular outfit,Lara wears an outfit with the same weapons and equipment,However she also sports dark green Daisy Duke like shorts,With her legs exposed.

Biker OutfitEdit

Biker Lara

Lara's Biker Outfit

Now Lara also sports a new outfit that has a black and pink striped leather jacket,Black pants and boots,Also a grey-white shirt along with a belt,Holsters and dual H&K USP MATCH pistols.


Croft Outfit 4

Croft's New Swimsuit

Although Lara wears a black Swimsuit,She also sports a white swimsuit and like the black one,The belt and holsters containing her dual H&K USP MATCH pistols are seen.


Catsuit Lara

Lara's Catsuit

The Catsuit Lara used when she fought Jacqueline Natla,Is used with new and improved modifications by her husband Tony Secord.The suit uses a cloaking technology,New Thermalfibers for uses against heat sensitive security systems,Micro propelled Grappling Launchers located on the wrists and activated by her nerve impulses from the wrist muscles.There is also a pair of gloves that are designed with an adhesive so Lara can move on walls at will.Also she wears her belt,Holsters and her dual H&K USP MATCH pistols are not forgotten.

Winter OutfitEdit

Winter Lara

Lara's New Winter Outfit

Lara's new winter gear consists of a jacket and pants that look like Amelia Earhart's jacket and pants.She also uses fingerless gloves and her belt,Holsters and dual H&K USP MATCH pistols are there as well.