Lance Smith

Lance Smith (In Winter Uniform)

Name:Lance Smith



Date of Birth:May 9,1969

Country of Birth:London,England

Type Blood:O-

Occupation:Archaeologistic Perfectionist

Parents:Landon and Martha Smith


Allies:Tony Secord (Formerly),Peter Ravencroft (Formerly),Joseph Parish (Formerly),Jacqueline Natla,Colonel Klaus Von Adalard,Dr.Ian Kreiger

Enemies:Tony Secord,Lara Croft,A.C.S,Zip,Alister Fletcher,Winston Smith,Emerald Davis,Angel Ravencroft,Peter Ravencroft,Katherine Woods,

Weapons of Choice:Walther P38,MP40



Eye Color:Green


Powers and Abilities:Powers of the Dead

Vehicles of Choice:Private Jet,"Set" (Yacht),Ferrari

Marital Status:Married (Secretly)

Current Residence:Unknown

Spouse:Jacqueline Natla


Languages Spoken:English,Chinese,Russian,German,Italian,Spanish,French,Danish,Dutch,Japanese,Icelandic

Martial Arts Used:Mixed


Lance Smith was born in London,England on May 9,1969 and was raised in Wakefield by Martha and Landon Smith.Lance's childhood was no big deal to his parents by the age of 5 and he was mainly acting out when he was in school as well,Trying to get his parents to pay more attention to him,However they didn't and so he ran away to seek adventure.Within the last 2 years,He stole and clawed his way to make a living,As well as attended school due to his childhood reading away most of his earlier life.He attended Gordonstoun by 20 years old and befriended Tony Secord,Who was always with him in his bits of mischief.One night,He was celebrating Secord's birthday in Paris and he decided that he and Secord were to steal the the art in the Louvre,However Tony was not the kind of man to pull off such a thing.Secord turned it down and left Paris that night for Scottland where he continued with his studies and Lance continued his plan.His plan resulted in failure when he was arrested by the French Police.He spent 4 years in prison until Jacqueline Natla found out what he did and as a result,Released him from prison,She felt a strong connection to him and as a result,They married and honeymooned at the undersea kingdom of Atlantis,Now rebuilt for Natla and her followers to live.Natla also gave Lance the dreaded Powers of the Dead that was not shown due to the problem he now faced,He needed Immortality to gain his powers and searched for a way to gain immortality.


After several years of trying to find immortality,Lance almost gave up,Until Natla gave him hope and that was The Orb of the Divine,Which could grant immortality to the most worthy of people.He was given the resources to track the orb and given the men as well to stop any other person from standing in his way.He managed to track Tony Secord through his Computer A.C.S and was tracking his every movement.Secord was looking for the orb as well and as a result,Lance waited until the final piece was uncovered and he would go after the orb.The last of the items on Secord's list were collected and Lance found that the time to gain the orb was at hand,So he and his partner Peter Ravencroft went to retrieve the orb.When they arrived,Secord was about to gain the orb's powers and Lance interrupted,Taking the orb from him in an attempt to absorb it's power.Lance was unworthy to wield it's powers,As a result he did not gain it's power,However Secord had a backup plan,Peter grabbed Lance and arrested him.Tony retrieved the orb from a cuffed Lance,Explaining to him that all the men he were ordering around were members of the FBI,He was wanted for many crimes in many countries.He watched as Secord gained his powers from the orb and was later taken away to Guantanamo Bay.


Lance is a Caucasian male,6.6ft,Weight is 300lbs due to bodybuilding.He sports a large black leather trench coat that he wheres all the time and wears black sweatpants.He also wears black sunglasses and even black gloves on occassion.He wears black military boots,He also has brown hair.His shirt is also black,But sometimes he wears white as well as a white suit.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Thanks to his wife Jacqueline Natla,Lance has been given superhuman powers,However they are dormant for the time being due to him in need to find a way to become immortal.

  • Immortality:Lance's capability to live forever is unique due to the fact that he cannot unlock it until he finds a way to become immortal.
  • Half Invulnerability:Like Tony Secord or Lara Croft,Lance is able to resist many things conventional,However he is not invulnerable to magic weaponry like Secord or Lara.
  • Heightened Senses:Like Secord and Croft,Lance is capable of hearing,Smelling and even seeing miles away.
  • Superhuman Strength:Like a Vampire or a Werewolf,Lance possesses the ability to lift objects more than a ton.


Lance used to be called the king of mischief,However now a days he is drunk with power.His wife,Jacqueline Natla is also the one that made him a perfectionist as well as an archaeologist.His hunger for power is never satisfied as he seeks for a method to make him immortal and unlock his inhuman powers.He is very loving and caring to his wife and he always has something interesting for them to talk about.


Jacqueline Natla

Jacqueline Natla

Lance was never into true love and never cared for it until the day he met Jacqueline Natla,The Atlantean Queen and CEO of Natla Technologies.She released him from prison and fell in love with him,Realizing that he and her were kindred spirits.In the summer,They married and honeymooned in the undersea kingdom of Atlantis.