Katana 2


Weapon Name:Katana

Type Weapon:Single Edged Bladed Sword

Country of Origin:Japan

Blade Length:23-36 Inches

Type Blade:Single Edged Curved or Straight Blade

Introduced In:1392

Service Length:1392-Present


The Katana was created with methods that made steel stronger than ever before.This weapon was crafted and used by the Samuari within the days of Feudal Japan and was used for the last 620 years.Within the early 20th century,The leading commanders of the Japanese Army during World War 2 carried this weapon as a calvary weapon.

Present DayEdit

After World War 2,The Katana became obsolete,However to this very day,People still handcraft this weapon and use it for many things other than combat.Tony Secord has several versions of this sword in his collection of melee weapons upstairs at Secord Manor on display.