Hospital and Psycho Zombies

Hospital/Psycho Zombies

Zombie Name:Psycho/Hospital Zombies

Type Zombie:Class 1.2-1.3

Blood Type:Unknown

Created By:Biowaffe Z-15A

Creator:Dr.Jack Clarkson


The Psycho/Hospital Zombie is a term used for any kind of person that wears any kind of standard issued hospital clothes and or equipment seen either injected or placed on the subject's body.They were the result of Dr.Jack Clarkson,A doctor specializing in Psychological disabilities in hopes of finding a cure for his patients.He eventually stumbled upon the bacteria used to make the Biowaffe Z-15 contagion that the Nazis developed in World War 2.He combined the bacteria with genes from one of his subjects and started to see what would happen if it was introduced into the DNA of a psychiatric patient.The results of this was immediete cellular and gene regeneration of what was missing from his psychiatric patients.He eventually tested this on one of his patients and the result was immediete cellular regeneration like with the DNA,However there was one nasty side effect,That was the patient died shortly after.Dr.Clarkson sent in a security team to see if the patient was dead and when they turned,They nodded.All of a sudden the patient jumped up,Biting the fingers off the security guard and that made Dr.Clarkson lock the door to keep the place,Free of infection.He left the remaining guards in there and eventually they were all killed and kept there,Also like the patient,Were turned into zombies as well.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Psycho Zombies are a unique case and they are capable of certain powers and abilities.