Holographic Computer Sunglasses

The Holographic Computer Sunglasses are a pair of basic sunglasses that have been modified to use a new form of computer,A holographic computer system that allows Tony Secord to work more easier on his missions.


When on missions,Tony Secord uses these glasses for many things.The Glasses are equipped with a retinal scanner in the lenses of the glasses that only can be accessed by Tony,Any other person puts them on,An electrical pulse will temporarily blind the person for a time lapse of 2 minutes.The glasses are also equipped with multiple sets of vision including X-Ray,Thermal,Infared and even Night Vision that allow Tony to see through many locations.The glasses are also uplinked to A.C.S through a non satellite system in order to assist Secord on his missions.They are also equipped with a Targeting system allowing for a much accurate aim.A commlink has also been built in for emergency contact and communication purposes.