Gewehr 43

Gewehr 43

Weapon Name:Gewehr 43

Type Weapon:Semi-Automatic Rifle

Country of Origin:Nazi Germany

Caliber:7.92x57mm Mauser

Mag Capacity:10 Round Magazine

Introduced In:1943

Service Length:1943-1945


By 1940,The Nazis were in need of a Semi-Automatic Rifle in order to improve combat efficiency,Both Mauser and Walther submitted prototypes and Walther was successful with the creation of this rifle.The rifle was used a lot at the Russian front,Besides the Kar98k or the MP40.The weapon stopped being manufactured when the Allied Forces started and continued their way into Nazi occupied countries,Soon after the war was lost for the nazis.

Present DayEdit

The Rifle has not seen rifle for the last 67 years,However people have collected them,One of these people is the man named Tony Secord,Who keeps it in his weapon's display case within the basement of Secord Manor.