Real Name:Emmaline "Emerald" Jane Davis

Date of Birth:May 5,1977 (Miami,Florida)




Gender:Female (Caucasian)

Parents:George and Jill Davis

Siblings:Aaron Davis (Older Brother),Hannah Davis (Younger Sister)

Occupation:Accountant (Cover Work),Mercenary/Spy (Actual Work)

Marital Status:Married (As of 1997)

Spouse:Daniel Carter


Blood Type:A-

Aliases:Emerald,The Glistening Gem,The Crystal with the Emerald Eyes

Allies:Tony Secord,Lara Croft,Angel Ravencroft,A.C.S,

Enemies:Jacqueline Natla,Lance Smith,Colonel Klaus Von Adalard,Dr.Ian Kreiger,

Weapons of Choice:Walther P99,M9 Berreta,H&K USP MATCH,MP5,FN Five-Seven,FN P90,

Birth and ChildhoodEdit

Emmaline Davis was born on May 5,1977 in Miami,Florida to Jill and George Davis.She grew up in Miami and by the age of 5,Lost her mother due to cancer.Her father raised her himself,Teaching her the tricks of the trade and other useful things that would help her in the real world.By 6 she already entered school and was a very intelligent girl by 10.Eventually she attended and graduated highschool by 1990.


Emmaline went to college when she was in her late teens,She attended Gordonstoun in Scotland and was one of the few girls that Tony Secord dated after he separated from his long time girlfriend Lara Croft.Secord and Emma dated for 2 years until her father found out and had them separated afterwards.Just because her father separated them doesn't mean that they didn't stay in touch over the years,They still stayed friends for many years.

Adulthood and CareerEdit

When she entered the work force,Emma started working as an accountant for a year when Tony Secord contacted her about a job for the FBI as an infiltrator and that her payment would be considerably larger than her accounting job.She actually took several martial arts classes and was already a very skilled pick pocket since she was a kid.