Elf Woman

An Elf Woman

An Elf are creatures that originated in Old English and Old Norse Text,As well as Scandinavian and British folklore.They are seen in many parts of the media and literature,As well as known throughout the ancient and modern world.

Elves are beings said to be strong in the Earth and they vary in powers and abilities,However certain ones are given to all elves.


People say that Elves vary in size and shape.In some of the world,They are said to be shorter than a human being,However others speculate that they are actually 6-7ft tall,Average human height being 6ft and look human.They also vary in appearance as well,Some can be pale,Others different color and even have symbols upon their body.The one main distinguishable feature are the pointed ears,Every elf within the ancient and modern world may have the elf shaped differently,However the only main concept left unchanged were the Elf's pointed ears.They also are known to be of both male and female,Not just one gender,Also are known to mate with other beings,Not just other Elves.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As mentioned before,The powers and abilities of the Elf are various,However certain powers mentioned are left unchanged to all Elves.

  • Longevity/Immortality:Is one of the unchanged powers of the Elf.Due to them being strong within the Earth,Elves are capable of either living longer than any other being for a long,But certain period of time,Or they are known to have the power to live forever.
  • Accelerated Healing:Elves are known to also possess the power to heal themselves and others of any kind of wound inflicted upon them,However some,When healing,Use the method of sleep for their healing process.
  • Immunity to Disease:Elves since they are healers of wounds,They are also immune to all diseases that inflict harm on others.
  • Heightened Senses:Elves are known throughout the ancient and modern world's to possess heightened senses that allow them to see,Hear and even smell things from miles away.
  • Superhuman Agility/Reflexes:Also Elves are known to possess fast and sharp reflexes,As well as being highly agile beings.

The main powers are left unchanged,However Elves are known to have either one or two special powers that make them all unique creatures.


Alongside the average human being,Elves are known to be very skilled and strong warriors,However they can die like any other warrior.


Elves also have been said to produce the most unique and most amazing of weapons and even armor that are endowed with certain magical properties.

Elves In Tomb RaiderEdit

Within the upcoming Tomb Raider Fan Fiction Story,Called Tomb Raider:Resurrection,It is set 2 years after the death of Colonel Klaus Von Adalard and the imprisonment of Jacqueline Natla and Lance Smith.A woman named Katherine Woods is being chased by a new villain by the name of Dr.Ian Kreiger.He is after Katherine due to the fact that she is an elf who has lived for 712 years,Which Katherine reveals to Tony Secord and Lara Croft that her real name is Tari Lossehelin,One of the oldest living Elves.