Eitir within Avalon

Eitir is a substance from Norse mythology that is said to be the origin of all living things.The substance is supposedly very poisonous and is created by The Midgard Serpent.Eitir has been known to be within Valhalla and Avalon

Appearances and UsesEdit

As said before,Eitir is a substance of life that is known to create the creatures known as Thralls.The substance is an energy light blue color and is usually a hazard when arriving in Avalon and is seen as waterfalls and even as ponds or lakes.It was also seen in Atlantis as well due to the fact that Jacqueline Natla drowned in a small pond of it while screaming for her life and Lara Croft's Doppelganger watching Natla die.In Norse Mythology,Jormungandr (The Midgard Serpent) was known to possess a powerful poison that was known to kill the Norse god of thunder Thor and so this is basically the substance that was said to kill Thor.

Defenses Against EitirEdit

4 Years after the events at Avalon,Tony Secord came across this substance and bought a sample back to Secord Manor for further analysis.He discovered that the substance could be blocked by a metal called Onitrium which is known to be indestructable.