The Second Doppelganger

The Doppelganger is a creature that has taken the form of Lara Croft and so far,There have only been two of them,Both have which been created and controlled by Atlantean God-Queen Jacqueline Natla.

The First Doppelganger "Bacon Lara"Edit

The first Doppelganger of Lara was a creature that had very limited intelligence and was known to mirror any movements that Lara made.It was also skinless,As well as hairless,This doppelganger gained the nickname "Bacon Lara" due to this one feature.When shooting at this doppelganger,Lara had also recieved damage,Almost like a living voodoo doll.

The Second DoppelgangerEdit

The next Doppelganger,Also created by Natla was responsible for the death of Alister Fletcher and the destruction of Croft Manor.Lara almost killed this one with Mjolnir,However the doppelganger proved too fast for her to kill.This one also is more like Lara and passes more for a human than it's predecessor.Eventually after Lara's fight with Natla,The doppelganger was ordered by Natla who used the "Okh Eshivar" incantation to kill Lara,Then herself.Lara too used this incantation when the doppelganger was going to kill her and so Lara ordered the doppelganger to no longer obey anyone and so it left Lara who also told it to make Natla suffer.The doppelganger did as ordered and destroyed Natla's healing chamber in Atlantis,Then watched Natla drown in a pool Eitir with a sadistic smille on her face.


The first doppelganger didn't pass for a human,However it's successor was capable of just that.The second Doppelganger also wore black and was pale white with piercing gold eyes.It also has jet black hair unlike Lara's brown hair,However it's in a ponytail like Lara's.This version of the doppelganger also carried the same dual wield H&K USP MATCH pistols as Lara and used one to Kill Alister Fletcher when she destroyed Croft Manor.This one also has superhuman strength,Speed and even agility which made her superior to Lara before she gained her godlike powers from The Orb of the Divine.The second doppelganger also confused Zip because of it's appearance.When the real Lara approached both he and Winston Smith,Zip openned fire on her with a H&K USP MATCH pistol,Thinking that Lara was the doppelganger.