Colt M-16A2

Weapon Name:Colt M-16

Type Weapon:Assault Rifle

Country of Origin:USA

Caliber:5.56x45mm NATO

Mag Capacity:20-30 Round Magazine

Select Options:Semi Auto,3 Shot Burst,Full Auto

Introduced In:1963

Service Length:1963-Present


The Colt M-16 was the next generation of Assault Rifle for the United States Military during the 1960s.It replaced the heavy and hard to control M14 Rifle and was issued to every soldier during Vietnam.The weapon had problems however,It was highly prone to jamming and so the US government improved the model and branded the next M-16 the M16A1.

Present DayEdit

The Colt M-16 has gone through some drastic changes within the past 49 years and has even been made a little brother,The M4A1 Carbine.The weapon is still going strong and still has it's place in the US arsenal today.