Colonel Klaus Von Adalard

Col.Adalard with Zombie Soldiers behind him

Name:Klaus Von Adalard

Gender:Male (Caucasian)


Species:Zombified Vampire (Formerly Human)

Date of Birth:August 7,1812

Occupation:SS Colonel and Leading Doctor of Operation:Valhalla

Country of Birth:Germany





Blood Type:Unknown

Weapons of Choice:MP40,STG-44,Walther P38,P08 Luger,Hook Hand

Enemies:Tony Secord I (Former),Tony Secord (Current),Lara Croft (Current)

Marital Status:Married

Spouse:Brunhilda Adalard (1938-1943,Due to his zombification)

Children:Dietrich Adalard (Son)

Allies:Adolf Hitler (Former),Jacqueline Natla (Current),Lance Smith (Current),Sargeant Hans Adlar (Former)

Powers and Abilities:Zombified Vampiric Powers

Vehicles of Choice:Unknown

Languages Spoken:German,English,Russian,French,Spanish,Polish,Dutch,Italian

Martial Arts Used:Mixed

Childhood and TeensEdit

Klaus Von Adalard was born on August 7,1812 to who his parents who's names weren't known at the time.At a young age he was on the streets,Stealing and surviving from the world.By his teens,He was found by a man named Emmory Engle,A wealthy buisness man who worked for Otto Von Bismarck at the time.When he was 23 years old,Adalard was given the gift of immortality by Engle who was a Vampire and who taught him the ropes to being a Vampire.By 26,He was already employed at a local bar,However when Engle was killed,He was determined to find the one responsible so he joined the military.


By World War 1,Klaus had joined the German Military against the British and the Allied Forces,However his forces were bumped back by the oncoming Allied Forces.


By the end of the war,The German people struggled,However they eventually were led by Fuhrer Adolf Hitler and he called for a draft and rearming of Germany.Klaus joined the Nazi occupation as a Colonel of the Waffen SS.He also gained a part in Operation:Valhalla,An operation that Hitler devised in order to take over the Americas.He and his men went to America disguised as American Citizens and secretly started to work on Operation:Valhalla.This operation consisted of a virus created by the Nazis to make anybody into flesh eating Zombies which was to be released within secret V-2 Rockets that were to be launched from a silo in the midwest of the United States.Tony Secord l was there and stopped the silos,Then was responsible for injecting the virus into Klaus' skull,Almost killing him.Secord thought that he was dead and as a result,Klaus started to wear a special gas mask in order to keep his face out of sight.By the end of World War 2,Klaus' wife and child left him due to his repulsive look and then that night he killed himself with his P08 Luger.The only problem was that by a week later,Klaus' head injury regenerated and he came back to life.Now back to life,He started to research a method to increase his healing capability 10% faster,However he was unsuccessful to achieve that.By 105 years old,Klaus had developed a serum that increased his healing 5% faster,Half to what he was expecting,However he kept the gas mask on for the next 70 years.

Vengeance of the 1960'sEdit

Due to what Tony Secord l did to him,Klaus stayed in America and thought to be dead in the eyes of Secord,He started to track Secord and planned very long and hard for his next confrontation with him.It was 1963 where free love reigned and the young people were starting to get into sex,Drugs and rock 'n' roll.Secord had already settled down and had Tony Secord ll (Tony's father),Now he was retired and enjoyed much until the night when Klaus arrived on the east coast of America in Boston where he took on the alias "Mr.Stone",Which allowed him to recruit other people who believed in Hitler's philosophy.Later on,Secord was called in due to his friend George Sarandon who saw Klaus explained to him that he was back and looking for him.Secord got ready and headed to confront his old nemesis.Klaus was waiting for him at a warehouse where he and Secord fought hand to hand and then that led into a gunfight.Sooner than he thought,Secord was outnumbered by the recruits Klaus possessed,However he wasn't facing this threat alone,George was given command of a squadron of men who worked for the military during WW2 and they assisted Secord in the killing of the Neo-Nazis,The death and capture of Klaus.For the next 49 years,Secord has had Klaus' body preserved in ice to keep him from coming back.

Present DayEdit

"Who are you and Where the hell am I?" Klaus to Jacqueline Natla,With his hand around her neck

"You are here in my home Colonel,I am Jacqueline Natla,This is my husband Lance Smith"Natla answering Klaus' question

"What Century"Klaus asking Lance Smith

"21st"Lance Smith to Klaus as he releases Natla

49 Years later,Klaus was still hidden within a secret wall of Secord Manor where no one could find him,Not even Tony Secord could find him.There was only one person that knew where he was within the mansion,That person was CEO of Natla Technologies,Jacqueline Natla who arranged for a raid to distract Secord while she released Klaus.She succeeded and bought the cryotube containing his body to her home where she and her husband Lance Smith unlocked his cryo prison.He awoke and attacked Natla with relentless violence.Natla managed to calm him and then explained to him that his old foe had been dead for sometime,However his grandson,Tony Secord was alive.Klaus was seeking revenge on the grandfather,However he realized that it maybe easier to battle his grandson,However it wasn't.Tony,Now married to Lara Croft is living within Secord Manor that is combined when they were married.Klaus went to the manor and attacked Secord and Croft,However he didn't succeed and that led to the loss of his left hand,Which he replaced with a hook that he found in the mansion of Lance Smith and Jacqueline Natla.

Klaus' whereabouts is currently unknown,But it was said that he set up a base within the Alps in Germany,But this was verified to be false when Tony Secord went to investigate the claim and found nothing at all.Other rumors said that he was in Poland,At the old base where Project Riese took place,However that was investigated as well and nothing was found.The only known rumor is that Klaus has been searching for the remains of his dead Nazi comrades that were killed 70 years earlier by the Allied Forces and has been experimenting with the Biowaffe Z-15 contagion to bring his fallen comrades back to life and under his command.It is shown that funding by Jacqueline Natla has been given to Klaus to make this possible.Also weapons have been manufactured such as the STG-44,MP40,P08 Luger,MP18,Walther P38 and other weapons to arm the resurrected Nazi soldiers Klaus has resurrected.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being a Zombified Vampire has it's advantages and disadvantages,So his powers are something not to be underestimated.

  • Immortality:Is the power that Klaus has been garrunteed as a Vampire,The ability to live forever.
  • Superhuman Strength:Is a power that allows Klaus to lift much more than an average human.
  • Superhuman Speed:Is the power that allows Klaus to move at amazingly fast speed.
  • Accelerated Healing:Is a unique ability that is affected by both sides.He is able to heal lost and damaged tissue,However it is flawed because his zombie half slow it down by 10% and that led him to develop a serum that increases his healing by 5% which was not exactly what he expected,However he is still working on.
  • Genetic Memory:His Memory of places he's visited,People he's met is all very accurate and not affected by his Zombified part.
  • Heightened Senses:Klaus' vampire's senses are known to be high,However are decreased by 5% and the serum he takes keeps that up as well.


Klaus is a male caucasian,6,6ft tall,Weighing in at 255lbs.He is usually wearing a black uniform with Nazi symbols and medals upon it.He is seen wearing a hat with the Totenkopf medal on it and even a special gas mask to conceal his disfigured face from the world.He has no left hand and uses a medal hook to compensate for his missing limb.The uniform he wears is all teared from all the battles he has been in.Th eye lenses of the gas mask have a piercing glow of yellow.Underneath his jacket,On his belt,Klaus has a pistol holster for his Walther P38 on his right side and one for his P08 Luger on the left side.When he speaks,Klaus' voice is a very deep and scratchy voice due to a voice modulator built into his mask.