Brunhilda Adalard

Sargeant Brunhilda Adalard

Real Name:Brunhilda Wagner

Date of Birth:December 5,1918

Age:75 (Chronologically),20 (Appearance)

Species:Vampire (Current,Turned in 1938),Human (Formerly)

Occupation:Sargeant of the Waffen SS at the base of Project:Riese,Stripper in America

Military Rank:Sargeant



Blood Type:Uknown

Marital Status:Married (Divorced)

Spouse:Colonel Klaus Von Adalard (1938-1943)

Children:Dietrich Adalard

Allies:Colonel Klaus Von Adalard (Formerly),Jacqueline Natla,Lance Smith,

Enemies:Tony Secord,Lara Croft,Emerald Davis,Angel Ravencroft,

Weapons of Choice:P08 Luger,MP40,STG-44,Kar98k,


Birth and ChildhoodEdit

Brunhilda Wagner was born on December 5,1918,After World War 1 to an unknown family in Germany.Her and her family struggled due to Germany's debt and it was hard for her to eat and so she had to steal off the rich in order to survive.He childhood was about survival until she saw the rise of Adolf Hitler by 1933 when she was 15 years old.

Rise and Fall of the ReichEdit

By 1933,The Nazi Regime in which Hitler became chancellor of Germany,Brunhilda was so eager to join the facist reich,Her mind poisoned by the nazi propaganda of Adolf Hitler.By 15 she joined the Waffen SS and was corporal on the battlefield during the Blirzkrieg.She was commended by the fuhrer and was granted the rank of Sargeant by 20,That turned the eyes of Waffen SS Colonel Klaus Von Adalard.He went out with her for a while and then one night in Paris while off duty,He proposed to her and the next day were married.They spent their honeymoon in Italy and also that night was the night that Klaus bit her on the neck,Turning her into a Vampire.By 1940,Brunhilda realized that she was pregnant and gave birth to their son Dietrich Adalard on May 2.She took time off to recover from her pregnancy and that was also the time when her husband headed to America in order to meet up with the Nazis that already created a secret underground base within Topeka,Kansas.He arrived in Topeka and met up with the members of Operation:Valhalla,However by 1942 he died after he was stabbed in the head by Tony Secord I.As soon as Brunhilda's husband came back to Germany,She was horrified by his looks and what happened to him at the hands of the Americans.She and Dietrich left Klaus and headed for the Bahamas where they stayed for the next 20 years and at the same time in Germany,Klaus took his P08 Luger and killed himself with it,Although he came back after a week.


After leaving her husband,Brunhilda worked in the Bahamas as a maid and by 1963,Went to America and worked as a stripper.Dietrich was already put through college and was already running a club called "The Night Haven".By 1964,She heard that her ex-husband was in America and had tracked her down one night.She entered her apartment and when she turned the light on,Klaus was standing there.She was shocked to see him and he wanted her to be with him when he took his revenge on Tony Secord I and she simply refused to even have anything to do with him.Klaus left willingly and left her in peace to work as she pleased.