Atlantis was a city that was said to have existed within 360 B.C,According to the Greek philosopher Plato.The city was said to have possessesed advanced technology,As well as architecture.A utopian society was the main society that existed and they had 3 rulers that were considered gods.One god queen and 2 god kings.


The government of Atlantis was ruled by two god-kings who were named Tihocan and Qualopec,The god-queen was Jacqueline Natla.

Atlantis' DissappearanceEdit

Between 9000 and 9600B.C,The entire city of Atlantis was said to have been sunken in a single day and night and was never seen after that.


Atlantis wasn't discovered until 1996 when Lara Croft entered the city and discovered that Natla and members of Natla Technologies were mining Atlantis' Great Pyramid.Lara defeats The Abomination,A monstrous and yet powerful creature of Atlantis and then she confronts and defeats Natla.

The Bow of ErosEdit

Hidden within one of the sacred temples of Atlantis,Rests The Bow of Eros which was retrieved by Tony Secord and Lara Croft,In their search for The Orb of the Divine.The Bow was located within the eastern temple of the city and when they retrieved the bow,Men armed with guns who worked for Lance Smith were after the same bow and a massive gunfight left the men dead with Lara and Tony to escape without any other trouble.