Real Name:Angel Thomas Ravencroft

Date of Birth:January 28,1992



Blood Type:A-

Occupation:Agent of the FBI

Parents:Peter Ravencroft,Marie Ravencroft


Marital Status:Married (As of 2012)

Spouse:Katherine Woods


State of Residence:Tallahassee,Florida

Allies:Katherine Woods,Tony Secord,Lara Croft,A.C.S,

Enemies:Dr.Ian Kreiger

Favorite Food:Anything Homemade

Favorite Bands:AC/DC,Led Zeppelin,The Trashmen,CCR,Buffalo Springfield

Weapons of Choice:M9 Berreta,Walther P99,FN P90,Colt M-16

Birth and ChildhoodEdit

Angel Ravencroft was born on January 28,1992 and raised in Tallahassee,Florida with his father Peter and mother Marie.He spent most of his childhood wishing that one day,He would be a fearless hero taking down evil at every turn,But he was always picked on by a kid named Sam Frakes,However one day went by and Sam sucker punched Angel and then Angel got up with a bloody nose,Then smashed Sam's jaw.After that incident when entering the school,No one ever bothered him again,Although he did go to his doctor and found out he recieved a broken nose and spent several weeks recovering at home.

College-First AssignmentEdit

Angel attended Highschool and majored in Law,As well as foreign languages.He gained a scholarship to Harvard University and got a degree in law,As well as physical education.He became a member of the FBI by his teens and as a result,Became the first teen to enter the FBI.His first assignment was to protect a woman named Katherine Woods (Who was an Elf known as Tari Lossehelin) and was injured within the line of duty via a 5.56x45mm round to the back.Katherine healed his spinal column and later explained to him,As well as Tony Secord and Lara Croft that she was actually an Elf and even told them her real name.When he was with Katherine alone,He felt an attraction towards her and she felt an attraction towards him.Then Angel and Katherine shared a kiss and slept together that night.Then later that night,Ninjas were hired to kidnap Katherine and succeeded in doing so,Then brought her to the base of Dr.Ian Kreiger where he commenced his testing upon her.The next morning,Angel woke up to find Katherine missing from the bed and so he searched the house for her and no sign of her was present.He was so worried about her,The next night he ran out on his own looking for her.On that same night,Tony Secord and Lara Croft suspected something and as a result,They ordered A.C.S to scan the room they were in and found that there were fingerprints on the side of the bed in the guest bedroom that weren't Angel's.