A.C.S (Adaptive,Computer,System) is a computer that has the ability of Artificial Intelligence and the most sophisticated technology known to man.A.C.S is very loyal to his creator Tony Secord and assists him either at home or on his missions,Whenever he is needed,He will be there.


A.C.S is capable of many things and he is capable of things no one ever thought possible.A.C.S is designed with a universal microchip that can hack into any kind of computer system that a person possesses.A.C.S is also equipped with a custom made anti-virus program,Capable of keeping him protected from all known computer viruses.Tony Secord developed A.C.S to also utilize an android body that is made from the new Onitrium alloy that is capable of protecting A.C.S' primary components from any form or harm.A.C.S is also capable of running 5000 Wall Street Computers more than 5 times over.He is also equipped with advanced combat and weapons programming,That allows him to protect Tony and himself from any form of harm.